MV-Käsine, RF Hardground

MV-Käsine, RF Hardground

Aikuismaalivahtien ja vanhempien juniorien pro tason käsine tekonurmelle. 

The Hardground RFH glove (flathand, positive stitching) has it's own specific qualities. The rubber patch in the palm of the hand reinforces the outer side and extends the life of the glove. This makes the glove ideal for hard surfaces such as artificial turf. The soft foam provides reliable grip and excellent cushioning. Soft foam ensures maximum ball control and optimal comfort. With the roll finger system, the finger is completely surrounded by foam, without stitching. The magnification of the grip surface that is created in this way, allows for optimum grip on the ball. The glove has a neoprene insert on the upper for a perfect, flexible fit and an elastic insert around the thumb for more freedom of movement. The wristband has a printable surface for your name.

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    • Saatavuus: Varastossa
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