MV-Käsine, Thunder IV

MV-Käsine, Thunder IV

mm. Anssi Jaakola Suomen maajoukkue ja FC Reading. Hidde Jurjus Roda FC

Negative cut huippukäsine. 

The Stanno Thunder IV with super soft profi foam is a professional glove for the best possible grip in all weather conditions, for the best goalkeeper performance. Flexibility is guaranteed for punching, catching and throwing. The rich silicone print provides an exclusive look and the neoprene insert on the upper creates a perfect and flexible fit. With fingerprotection: flexible, hard ribs ensure optimal protection of the fingers. The ribs are removable by means of a small zip on the top of the wrist. The gloves have flathand negative stitching: the stitched seams are disposed on the inner side of the fingers, making the glove fit more tightly around the fingers, and increase the control on the ball. The woven wristband provides support and


    • Tuotenumero: Stanno Thunder IV
    • Saatavuus: Varastossa
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